Maintenance List

Maintenance Check List & Schedule

Precautions Necessary for all apparatus and moving parts:

  • Do not modify apparatus in any way, nor should you utilize another manufacturers’ components as attachments.
  • Do not use the apparatus if it shows sign of severe wear, or if broken or damaged.
  • Keep body, hair and clothing away from all moving parts.
  • Be aware that personal accessories (such as jewelry) can easily damage vinyl covering of equipment and can easily become entangled with moving parts of equipment. We highly recommend that clients be requested to remove any item of jewelry that has sharp edges or protrudes or hangs away from the body for safety of the client and the longevity of the apparatus.
  • Never allow children to be around or on apparatus unsupervised.

If you are using the equipment daily:

  • A weekly inspection of your springs is critical due to the potential of serious injury resulting from spring failure.
  • Clean the vinyl upholstery after each client.

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  • Check all straps, bolts, hooks and attachments for safety and security.
  • Straps need to be re-sized periodically, using the adjustment provided, to ensure equality.
  • Check and clean tracks for build-up.
  • Check wheels for wear and hair. A qualified apparatus service specialist should lubricate and clean all wheels monthly.
  • Do not lubricate (or silicone spray) the tracks.
  • Check footbar covering and make sure footbar is properly seated and secured in it’s socket.
  • Check headrest attachment to insure that it is properly tightened and secure.


  • Check all spring hooks and attachments.
  • Check all safety straps, leg straps, etc.

High Barrel (Ladder Barrel) and other barrels

  • Check all bolts and screws for tightness.


  • Check all bolts, clips and hooks for security.
  • Check springs and attachments.


  • Check springs and attachments.
  • Check all bolts, clips and hooks for security.

Tower (Guillotine) and Wall Unit Towers

  • Check Attachment to Wall (or Ceiling) and to Floor.
  • Check all eye bolts, clips and hooks for safety.
  • Check springs and attachments.
  • Check attachment and smoothness of operation of sliding bar.

A qualified apparatus service specialist should perform a detailed maintenance of the apparatus weekly/monthly. This will enable the Pilates Studio Owner to focus on their business and clients while having functional apparatus.

©2011 Robert N. Valli

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