Universal Reformer Inspection

Thoroughly Inspect:

  • All straps, hooks and attachments for security.
  • Adjust straps that need to be re-sized, using the adjustment provided, to ensure equality.
  • Clean aluminum tracks and frame.
  • Clean and lubricate all wheel bearings.
  • All bolts. Tighten or replace if necessary.
  • Springs for wear or distortion and replace as needed.
  • Footbar hardware and tighten as needed.
  • Gear Box and Gear Bar.
  • All Eyebolts or hooks.
  • Headrest attachment to insure that it is properly tightened and secure.
  • Jumpboard Bracket, Cleats and Pulleys.
  • Replace hardware that indicates stress in the metal.

©2011 Robert N. Valli

Carriage Tune Up

  • Re-upholster carriage, shoulder and headrest vinyl.
  • Clean the body of the carriage, wood and aluminum.
  • Clean and lubricate wheel bearings and balance all wheels.

Cadillac Inspection

Thoroughly Inspect

  • Main Trapeze Frame.
  • Table
  • Sliding Cross Bar.
  • Vertical Sliding Bar.
  • All eyebolts and dog clips.
  • Springs, Straps, Handles, Loops and Fuzzies.
  • Push through bar and roll down bar.
  • Vinyl.

Chairs Inspection

Thoroughly Inspect

  • Springs.
  • Eyebolts, Cactus System.
  • Hardware.
  • Hinges and pedal/board attachment.
  • Handles and brackets
  • High back.
  • Vinyl.

Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector (Step Barrel, Small Barrel)

Thoroughly Inspect

  • All Hardware and locking knobs.
  • Frame, Corner Blocks, Top Bar.
  • Vinyl.


Thoroughly Inspect

  • All bolts, clips and hooks.
  • Springs and attachments.
  • Base and pole.

Tower (Guillotine) and Wall Unit

Thoroughly Inspect

  • Attachment to wall, floor and ceiling.
  • All eyebolts, clips and hooks.
  • Hardware on push through bar and roll down bar.
  • Sliding Bar.

Full Studio installations available.

Assembly of of all new apparatus is available.

Thorough inspection of recently purchased used apparatus.

A customized maintenance log for individual Pilates Studios is available.

©2011 Robert N. Valli

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