“Bob has an amazing skill set.   He reupholstered several of my Reformers and they feel and look great.  Meticulous craftsmanship! The wood is now clean and the wheels are running smoothly.  He is even going to sand and restore the finish of one of my old Reformer frames.  I look forward to that! Bob completely refurbished my 60 year old Reformer that Ron Fletcher called “knock-knock” because it was noisy. Now it’s name is “non-knock-knock” (or “formerly known as knock-knock”) because it runs smoothly and quietly. It is now the favorite of the studio! Bob installed and tunes the side wheels on the old Reformers.  The teachers of the studio really appreciate that Bob cleans, examines and tightens the hardware of all of the apparatus. They love the detailed maintenance log book he created for our studios. As a studio owner, I appreciate his understanding of engineering and metal fatigue (because of his theater background).  He is able to look at a piece of hardware, such as an eye bolt and identify stress. He emphasizes the use of good hardware. His service enhances the safety of the apparatus in our studio.  The nice part, is that we do not have to take so much time doing the monthly maintenance, because Bob is servicing the apparatus.”

Jennifer Stacey, M.S., Peak Performance Pilates

In 2001 I purchased a full sized reformer with box at a garage sale.  The previous owner had bought it in the LA area and had not used it for several years.  The reformer was a little beat up, but it was functional and over the years I used it sparingly in my garage.  In the summer of 2010, I moved it to a part of my house so I would use it more.   At this time, I saw the wheels were squeaking and not aligned, the springs needed to be replaced along with the eyelet cross bar.  The vinyl on the carriage and on the box was quite slippery and dark brown.  In conversation with Jennifer Stacey at Peak Performance Pilates, I found Bob Valli.  He replaced all of the vinyl (box and carriage) with the color of my choice.  He  re-built the box with handles, installed side wheels on the carriage and cleaned the housing for the ball bearings on the original wheels.  He ordered new springs, stoppers, new vinyl foot bar cover, and Ron Fletcher straps.  Thanks to Bob Valli,  I have a great updated machine that really works and looks great.

Susan Messner Whipp, El Granada, California
Pilates Professional, University Professor,
MFA, PMA Certified
February 22, 2011

“Bob did an incredible job of both servicing and reupholstering my equipment.  Aside from being professional, he was knowledgeable and put me at ease about the safety of my equipment for my clients.  He showed up on time and made sound recommendations for my future needs.  It is great to have a trustworthy person like Bob to work with moving forward.

Jill Harris, Owner, Informed Body Pilates Studio

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